If you’re not in the game, get in the game!  The Created Player Universe was created for the sole purpose of providing engaged entertainment for viewers.  Viewers are allowed to add their created character to any available sports league or team, and watch him/her go through the ups and downs of being an sports athlete.

The Created Player Universe breaks the limitations of video games.  Your created character is no longer stuck inside one game, but can now advance his/her career in other video games and sports.  It doesn’t matter whether your character originally came from SNES or the original Playstation, they can continue their career on the most updated console.

The Created Player Universe was founded in 2017 by YouTube creator Mrhighlight84. It was inspired by game modes such as Madden’s connecting franchise, WWE’s universe mode, and retro Madden/NCAA import export option.  The universe is also semi-realistic with it’s connecting injuries.  If a created player plays multiple sports, but is injured in one sport, he or she will be injured in all sports and that’s what the universe is about.  If your created wrestler also is the starting quarterback for the Alaska Huskies, lets hope he doesn’t get carted off on a stretcher from being power bombed through a table.  I guarantee you will not see him on the field until he is fully recovered.

Every game is connected to every other game and each player’s history will travel with him/her wherever they go.


Sports Leagues In The Created Player Universe

There are 4 major leagues in the Created Player Universe.  The main league which is the largest, is the Backbreaker Football League.


Backbreaker Football League

The Backbreaker Football League covers just about all levels of football, including high school, college, international, d-league, and the BFL which is the parent league of all.  Players that enroll in the High School Football League have the opportunity to start their careers from the very bottom and become major stars in the universe, working their way to the BFL.

There are two ways to enter the BFL and that is through the BFL Draft and through free agency.  Only college players can enter the BFL draft, so If you want the full draft experience, make sure your created player attends one of the available colleges.

Free agency is more flexible, because players can enter the BFL through the D-League, International Football League, MFL, other football games, and even other video channels on YouTube.

Players that want to enter the BFL from other video channels must have highlights proving they are good.  If they don’t have enough footage proving their value to the league, there is at least a 50/50 chance that player will get a tryout at the most.  If the player sucks at tryouts, he will be released and free to try again next season.


3T Wrestling

3T or Triple Threat Wrestling, has little to no restrictions on joining the league.  3T was created on the PS4 platform, so Playstation users will have a huge advantage of their wrestlers getting into the league immediately, because of Community Creations.  With the use of Community Creations, I can easily add a wrestler or even a stable with a few clicks.  The only real requirement for joining 3T is: the wrestler must be well made with attires, and move set.


Crossover Basketball League

The Crossover Basketball League was built using NBA 2K13, because of it’s fun, highlight-crazy gameplay.  There are no requirements to join this league.  Players can enter the Crossover Basketball League from participating in the NCAA Basketball 10 dynasties that are available.


FTF MMA or Finish The Fight MMA, is a combination of UFC Undisputed 3 and EA Sports UFC 2.  All male fighters must begin their careers in Pride Fighting Championship, but female fighters can start in the UFC.  Entry level fighters must prove that they are worth going to the next level by not only winning their fights, but finishing fights.  Before male fighters can enter the UFC, they must have at least 5 wins, a winning record, or an impressive win streak.  Fighters ratings will progress or regress based upon their performance.  Fighters then will either gain or lose points based upon knockouts, submissions, and decision wins or losses.