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Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 15 Highlights


Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 15 Highlights

Week 15 of the BFL – West Canaan clinched their division with a win over T.C. Williams. It only took 8 games to win the division, which is kinda pathetic, but a win is a win.
The Scorpions and ESU both are playing for playoff position, but ESU hasn’t clinched a spot yet. The Scorpions improved to 11-4 and clinched homefield advantage after beating the Timberwolves.

Underarmour clinches a playoff spot after a 25-15 win over team USA. USA tried to find some late game magic, but it wasn’t enough to overcome their mistakes. The ABFC is still wide open for homefield control.

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