College Football Players Dropout To Play In AAF

College Football Players Dropout To Play In AAF
3 College Dropouts To Play In AAF – Backbreaker Football League

The Backbreaker College Football League hasn’t kicked off yet, but already there are 3 players that dropped out of school to play in AAFBackbreaker D-League gladly welcomes college dropouts and underachieving high school players that wants to take their game to the next level.  Daniel Willams (LA State), Savage Darius (Slapahoe University), and Quentin Dee (Texahoma) gives up their draft eligibility to play professional football in the BFL’s Development League.  All 3 players have been signed and will debut with the AAF in coming weeks.

Savage Darius

I’m not sure why Darius would leave a starting wide receiver position at Slapahoe University to play backup running back for the Atlanta Legends.  With his explosive speed and quarterback Jeremiah Welch leading the way, I thought Darius would be a 1st round draft pick in the BFL Draft.

Quentin Dee

Another questionable decision, is Quentin Dee leaving a starting safety position at Texahoma to play slot corner for Memphis Express.  Dee’s departure will leave a hole in Texahoma’s defense, but hopefully the rest of the secondary can step up.

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams is the 3rd and final player to leave college football to play in the developmental league.  Out of the 3 players, this was the best move for Williams to make, because the Demons were loaded at wide receiver.  Why share the football when you can be the main target on the team.  Williams will be the #1 target for Salt Lake and return kicks along with punts.  He will have plenty of opportunities to stand out among the top receivers and returners in the league.

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