Johnny Manziel Signs With The CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Johnny Manziel Signs With The CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Breaking news from the D-League as Johnny Manziel signs with the CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats leaving from one division to another after only two games with the New York Hitmen.  To be honest I don’t think New York will really miss him considering he wasn’t spectacular in those two games he started in the regular season.

Week 1 was an absolute disaster as he went 12-25, 43 yds, and was sacked 4 times.  It looked like a bad idea to name him offensive captain after that performance, but in week 2 he turned it up going 14-25, 225 yards, 2 td, but sacked 4 times again.

The offensive line didn’t do him any favors, as he was under constant pressure and they were not able to run the ball effectively.  Simply put, It’s not all Johnny’s fault, but we will get a better look at him in Canada.

Kamar Jean-Pierre is the man now.  He’s left to lead this mess of an offense the rest of the way.

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