Backbreaker Weather Conditions & How It Affects The Game

Backbreaker Weather Conditions

Backbreaker has a couple of weather conditions that can cause you to lose the game.  Backbreaker doesn’t have snow, but it does have rain and heavy winds that can disrupt any game if you’re not paying attention.  Read below for all Backbreaker weather conditions and how they affect the game.



Rainy Conditions in Backbreaker

Backbreaker Weather Conditions How It Affects The Game 2

Rain in Backbreaker is not obvious like in other sports games.  There are no downpours or obvious signs that shows rain.  As of matter of fact, if you don’t pay attention to the weather forecast when the players are coming out of the tunnel, you wouldn’t even notice the rain.  The only other way you will notice rain is when the camera moves at certain angles.

When you play in rainy conditions, you will notice an increase in fumbles, wide open dropped passes, and missed tackles.  Rain in Backbreaker also causes the ball to slip out of the quarterback’s hands, resulting into more fumbles.

Another thing you will notice from playing in the rain is players having a hard time scooping up the ball off the ground.  You can see that happen quite often in my Road To Backbreaker series.





Windy Conditions In Backbreaker

Backbreaker Weather Conditions & How It Affects The Game

Windy conditions in Backbreaker is the silent killer.  Heavy winds can cause you to miss easy field goals and even extra points if you’re not paying attention.  On offense, the wind can cause passes to float and give defenders a chance at an easy interception.

Now the wind can work for you and against you.  If the wind is going in your direction, it will allow you to kick longer field goals, longer punts and throw passes deeper down the field.  If the wind is blowing against you or horizontally, it can cause your kicks to fall short or get pushed left or right.

Backbreaker Weather Conditions & How It Affects The Game

When you kick the ball, always pay attention to the direction and strength of the wind.  The strongest winds i have ever seen in Backbreaker is 24 MPH.  Wind speed will also be displayed on kickoff when you’re kicking and receiving.



Cold Weather Conditions In Backbreaker

Backbreaker Weather Conditions & How It Affects The Game

Unlike rain and wind, I’m not sure how cold weather affects Backbreaker’s gameplay.  So, far there have been zero obvious signs of how the cold weather affects the game.



The Absolute Worst Weather In Backbreaker

The worst weather you can play in Backbreaker is the combination of wind and rain.  Expect sloppy, but fun gameplay.  This is when Backbreaker really comes alive with even more unpredictable outcomes.  Rushing the passer becomes easier, fumbles are more likely to happen, dropped touchdown passes, and the possibility of having a shitload of fumbles.  No one can be trusted on the field, not even your best players.

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