Backbreaker Xbox One & PS4 – Is Backbreaker Backwards Compatible

Backbreaker Xbox One & PS4 – Is Backbreaker Backwards Compatible?

This is article is about Backbreaker Xbox One & PS4 backwards compatibility. The compatibility list below has a good amount of games on it, but when will more sports titles along with Backbreaker become available?


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Concerns I Have About Backbreaker Xbox One & PS4 Compatibility


  1. Will I be able to use my old game saves?
  2. Is the quality of the game upscaled?
  3. Can we share rosters online?


Not being able to use my old game saves and rosters would suck.  It takes a long time to create some of those team logos and even more time trying to accurately rate players.  Just thinking about updating my Backbreaker leagues makes me sick to the stomach.



 Backbreaker Xbox One Backwards Compatibility


Backbreaker Xbox One Compatibility
Backbreaker Xbox One

Backbreaker Xbox One backwards compatibility checklist.

As of today, Backbreaker is still not backwards compatible with Xbox One. Backbreaker’s online servers are still working, so players would be able to play each other online.  I’m not sure what qualifies a game to make that list, but if it’s popularity Backbreaker is screwed.  The more popular Blitz The League 2 didn’t even make the list yet.  Backbreaker is not the greatest game on the market, but there are worse games that were made backwards compatible.




Check the list for yourself.  It’s hard to believe some of the titles that made the list.  Hate it or Love it, Backbreaker still has a large fan base who would love to have this game on the current generation consoles where they can have another football game to play online.

To be clear, it seems as if sports games in general are having a hard time making that compatibility list on Xbox One.

? Updated: Did Backbreaker make the list? 


Backbreaker PS4 Backwards Compatibility


Backbreaker PS4 Cover
Backbreaker PS4


Currently Backbreaker and every other retro Playstation game have zero chance of coming to PS4, because the Playstation 4 console is not backwards compatible.  The only hope for retro games on ps4 are remastered games or paying for their PS Now service.  Check available retro games available on PS4 here >>>

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