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Unreal Triple Double In The NBA 2k13 League Draft Combine_Week 3

CBL Draft Combine » West vs South (Week 3) Game Highlights

Watch Jeffrey Quinn make his statement as why he should be the #1 overall pick in this week 3 matchup vs the West Combine Team.  The former Privateer finished the game with 30 points, 18 rebounds, and 19 assists, which is simply insane. 

NBA 2K13 Week 2 North vs South

CBL Draft Combine » North vs South (Week 2) Game Highlights

Epic matchup between Jesus Shuttlesworth from “He Got Game” and Quincy McCall from “Love and Basketball”.  The North Combine Team also featured Saleh Wintambuh from “The Air Up There” and Neon Bourdeaux from “Blue Chips”.  

KYLE WATSON VS ANTOINE TYLER_East vs West_NBA 2K13_Crossover Basketball League Draft Combine

CBL Draft Combine » East vs West (Week 2) Game Highlights

Above The Rim star Kyle Watson faces off against 6th man star Antoine Tyler in the CBL Draft Combine.  The East Combine team also featured Antoine’s brother Kenny Tyler and Buddy Wilson from “The Air Up There”.  The West Combine team has some star power of their own.  The West featured John Tucker, Kyle Watson, and Butch McRae from the movie “Blue Chips”.

East vs South_NBA 2K13_Crossover Basketball League Draft Combine

CBL Draft Combine » South vs East Game Highlights

The Crossover Basketball League draft combine opener.  Dynasty rookies from NCAA Basketball 10 and fantasy basketball players from movies make their first appearance in the CBL.  Kenny Tyler and Antoine Tyler from the movie “The 6th Man”, Buddy Wilson from the movie “The Air Up There”, and Jesus Shuttlesworth from the movie “He Got Game”, all debut in the first ever CBL Draft Combine.  

Crossover Basketball League Draft Tournament

NBA 2K13 » Crossover Basketball League Draft Tournament

The Crossover Basketball League began with only 10 teams before the major 30 team expansion.  These 10 teams decided the CBL Draft order through a tournament, using the NFL’s draft structure.  The worst team will get the first pick and the best team will get the last pick.