Crossover Basketball League Salary Cap Anounced_NBA 2K13

Crossover Basketball League Salary Cap Anounced || NBA 2K13

The Crossover Basketball League salary cap will start at $100 million per season.  Team salaries will be divided among all the players on the roster.

Because the salary cap limit is $100 million, every team is limited in how many star players they can sign.

  • Gold players=$25 million per season
  • Silver players=$15 million per season
  • Bronze players=$5 million per season

Gold tier players are the superstars of the league and the most expensive to sign.  A team can have a max of 3 gold players on the roster, but that will result in a shorter roster and less depth.  If a team signs 3 superstars, they will have $25 million in cap space left to fill in their roster.

Silver tier players are not quite superstars, but they are a very good addition to any squad.  A team can have a max of 6 silver players on the roster, which would result in less roster depth.  If a team decides to sign 6 silver players, they would only have $10 million in cap space remaining to sign additional help.

Bronze tier players are average players.  Many players that come into the league for the first time will began at the bronze tier and then work their way up.  The bronze tier only takes up $5 million per season.  A team could sign a full 15-man roster with all bronze players and still have $25 million in cap space left over, but I wouldn’t recommend this approach.

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