Sauce and Shuttlesworth Combine for 80

East vs South (Week 1) Draft Combine Highlights || NBA 2K13

The first game in the NBA 2K13 Draft Combine series was an exciting matchup of future superstars. Fictional players such as Kenny Tyler, Antoine Tyler, Jesus Shuttlesworth, and Buddy Wilson made their first appearance in the league. The Crossover Basketball League Draft Tournament has already decided the draft order for the 10 participating teams. The draft combine will either boost or hurt a player’s draft stock.

Players Of The Game

Sauce, the forward from Miami was the MVP of the entire game and rightfully so, but let’s not forget about Shuttlesworth’s quiet 40 and Kenny Tyler’s 26 assist triple double.


Disappointing Performances

Jeffrey Quinn was basically a no show for this game scoring only 8 points. I was looking for him to put a stamp on his college greatness, but not this game at least. In his defense, Quinn had 13 assists and 8 rebounds in the game, but this is the guy who once score 102 points in college. We want to see some of that!

Surprising Performance

Who is Monty Roberts? He was the one and only surprise player in this game. Roberts scored 33 points, showing he can ball with these other beasts on the court.

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