Hudson Almost Outscores The Opposing Team

Hudson Almost Outscores The Opposing Team – NCAA Basketball 10

Oliver Hudson almost outscores the opposing team, scoring a career high 51 points in a victory over South Dakota State.  This only proves one thing:  the Jack Rabbits is one ass of a team.  The highest scorer on their team had 11 points, but the Privateers had 4 players in double figures.  Along with his 51 points, Oliver Hudson grabbed 6 rebounds, dished out 8 assists, had 2 steals, and a block.  How impressive is this for Hudson?  To be honest, scoring 50 points against a team in the Summit League Conference is not very impressive, but 50 points is 50 points no matter how you get it.  The real question is: can he do it against a contender?  The answer to the question may determine his future as being a NBA player or not.  The JUCO transfer looks red hot in his final season as a Privateer, but lets see if his hot streak will continue throughout the season.  New Orleans is now 6-0 after the blowout.


? Highlights on Sports Mania 2

  • Starts @ 0:20



Final Score

  • New Orleans: 101
  • South Dakota State: 55
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