Neon Boudeaux Dominates In Blowout Loss_NBA 2K13

Neon Boudeaux Dominates In Blowout Loss || NBA 2K13

Butch McRae faces off against Neon Boudeaux for the first time in a ugly 14 point blowout.

The North Combine rookies were crushed in this game, despite the star power on their roster.  How could you lose by such a large margin when you have Neon Boudeaux, Saleh Wintambuh, and Quincy McCall in your starting five???  That’s the fantasy big 3 many people would love to have on their team. 

What happened?  The West Combine rookies played a perfect game offensively.  Not to mention they had some star power of their own to help out with that.  The West suited up John Tucker, Kyle Watson, and Butch McRae to counter what the North team put on the floor. 

John Tucker aka lil dunkamania put on a show for the fans with his windmill dunks and alley hoops.  Neon Boudeaux responded with angry dunks of his own.  Boudeaux owned the boards, but it still wasn’t enough to overcome the 30+ point scoring night from Watson and McRae.  

Players Of The Game

John Tucker was the MVP of the game.  He finished with 29 points, 7 rebounds, and 12 assists.  Not bad for one of the smaller players on the court.  Boudeaux finished the game with 27 points, 18 rebounds, and 2 assists.   Neon was a monster on the boards, but some bad shooting on the outside costed them the game.



Triple Double

How about a near triple double from Aaron Power.  AP had 11 rebounds and 8 assists to go along with the 28 points he scored.  Why he wasn’t team MVP?  Power only shot 40 percent from the floor, so Boudeaux got the award.  


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