NCAA Basketball 10 Dynasty Ep.1

Episdoe #1 of the NCAA Basketball 10 dynasty added 3 additional teams, Southern, Tulane, and Utah State.

New Orleans Privateers NCAA Basketball 10 Dynasty

Justin Vandeleer is looking to shatter every Privateer record ever held.  The man is on a mission this season.  Vandeleer posted 40 points and 14 rebounds in a losing effort against Georgia Tech.


Miami Hurricanes NCAA Basketball 10 Dynasty

Highlight is carrying the offensive load in Miami after losing several key players last season.  The Hurricanes appear to be more of a defensive team in season 2.

NCAA Basketball 10 Dynasty_Optimus Cline

Southern Jaguars NCAA Basketball 10 Dynasty

Southern have two star caliber players in their starting lineup this season.  Bruiser, who is basically a Shaq clone should be an unstoppable force down low, while their 5’7 point guard leads the break.  Springs may be short, but he has unsual leaping ability and great speed.


Tulane Greenwave NCAA Basketball 10 Dynasty

Tulane introduced their big 3 in a 92-80 win vs Purdue.  Jacobs, Greenday, and Sizzle look to rival UNO as the best team in New Orleans.


Utah State NCAA Basketball 10 Dynasty

If any of these 5 teams have a chance at winning a National Championship, I would choose Utah State.  The Aggies may have a better defense than Miami and they have that 7’0 small forward that can break your ankles like a guard.


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