We Have A New Lightweight Champion!!!
Dwayne Walker Jr. is the new Pride FC 5 Lightweight Champion. The strange ending to the championship fight may or may not warrant a rematch.
Lightweight Rankings
Breton Is A MF Beast!!!
Tim Breton Proved once again why he's still the most dangerous heavyweight in the division, with a knockout win against D.J. Drew. Breton is eyeing a trilogy fight with Kutte, but it may happen in the UFC not Pride.
Heavyweight Rankings
Dominant Decision Win For Ejeezy
Ejeezy gets an unanimous decision win over a very good Ryan Dunn. Ejeezy is still #2 in the welterweight division, but a 3rd fight with Dee Kaine is not likely to happen in the Pride ring.
Welterweight Rankings
Bruce Lee Nearly Submits Saitama, But.....
This fight was everything I hoped for. Bruce Lee dropped Saitama with a head kick that left him dazed and confused, but Lee was unable to capitalize on a D'arce choke. Saitama wins via KO.
Rocky Is Not A Punching Bag LOL
Whoever thought the speed of Andre Bishop would help him in this fight was wrong.
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KO Of The Night???
You got knocked the fuck out!!! Bill Simons KO's Dalton Hendricks with a vicious head kick.
Nathan Williams Impressive 11 Takedowns
Nathan Williams mauls his opponent and gets the first win of his career with a unanimous decision victory over Dewayne Johnson.
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He Brought Street Fighter To The Pride Ring
Never seen before jumping head kick knockout sent Afro Thunder back to Dreamcast. Guy introduces himself to Pride FC.
Dee Jay Buries His Opponent
The pride of Jamaica Dee Jay Jr. gets his first victory via ground and pound knockout.
Joe Gutta Moves Into The Top 5 After Win
Joe Gutta gets a decision win over Jordan Simons, but now is within reach of a title shot.
What an Upset!!!
Mike Horror knocked out Floyd McGregor. McGregor was hyped up to be the only fighter to go undefeated in his career. Someone tell him the bad news when he wakes up.
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Back On Track
Stezo Woods get the first win of his career with by knocking out Deshawn Cloud.

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