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Backbreaker football

Backbreaker Football is an unlicensed 11-on-11 American football game that uses the Euphoria engine, which creates the best tackling moments ever seen in any other video game.  To put it in it’s proper category, Backbreaker is an arcade football game, that produces simulation moments.  This game is known by many, because of the big hits and the unique tackling system.

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  • Intial Release Date: June 1, 2010
  • Publishers: Natural Motion, 505 Games
  • Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, IOS, Android
  • Genre: Sports Video Game
  • Engine: Euphoria, Physx
  • Create A Player: No
  • Create A Team: Yes
  • Game Modes: 6
  • Single Player: Yes
  • Multiplayer: Yes

When they said every tackle is unique, you can trust their word on it.  You will not get tired of seeing the tackling in this game, because the tackles are not based upon algorithmic animations.  Backbreaker is a 100% pure physics engine, so often players collide like a car accident with no regard for life.

Natural Motion introduced a new way to play football, when they put their physics engine on display.  The Euphoria physics engine drew much attention from gamers around the world and even influenced EA Sports Madden series to add physics to their game.

Backbreaker has 6 game modes which includes training camp, exhibition, season mode, road to backbreaker, tackle alley, and online multiplayer mode.  The game features 63 total teams, 7 of which are unlockables and the rest are instantly playable in exhibition, season mode, and road to backbreaker.



Backbreaker Review

Keep in mind, the reviews about the Backbreaker game is mixed between the patched version and the unpatched version.

Overall, Backbreaker was poorly received, for numerous amounts of reasons.  The most obvious of all was the lack of gameplay camera angles.  Backbreaker’s new adrenaline camera angles was hard for many players to adjust to, coming over from the traditional Madden-like God cam.  

Another major issue with the Backbreaker football game, was the terrible passing and pass blocking.  Quarterbacks were wildly inaccurate and defensive lineman feasted on you like they haven’t eaten in a few days.  The Greathouse patch slowed down the pass rush, made passing bearable, but negatively affected dropped passes.  The patch greatly exposed average pass catchers.  If you don’t have a gold star receiver, good luck with getting consistent catches with contact nearby.

The game featured no NFL teams, because it was unlicensed, so that gave casual gamers another reason to crap on it.  Luckily, for the fans of NFL teams, the Backbreaker community (BBHighlightsGS) came together and produced NFL roster mods for the Xbox 360.  Backbreaker has an amazing logo creator.  You can literally create any team you can think of, as long as you have the skill to do it.

The lack of a franchise mode was another major negative that took away much needed replay value.  Season mode was ok at best, but not a solid replacement for a traditional franchise mode.  Road To Backbreaker is more of a marathon type of season mode.  TBH it’s way too long.  Nice idea, but no.

The running in Backbreaker was the most beautiful part about the game.  The blocking was epic for anyone who had the ball in their hand, including defensive players.  The running game was a nice change-up from throwing countless amounts of interceptions when trying to pass.  Then the patch happened and completely broke the running.  Running the ball in Backbreaker after the patch takes skill and dedication.  It’s not for casual gamers period.  Defenders are more likely to slide off the blocks of weaker players, so make sure you have players with high strength if you want to run the ball with the Greathouse patch activated.

Realism is where Backbreaker scored big.  You can literally feel every play of this game.  The running feels like you’re running, the chase feels like a chase, and the positional based camera make you feel like you’re in the game.  When you’re playing a position, you feel responsible for what happens at your position.  If you blow an assignment, you’ll likely pay for it if the cpu capitalizes on your mistake.  You can’t be everywhere on the field.  Your player is not gliding around the field like in previous Madden games, he’s taking actual steps.  You won’t able to cover the entire field and I know serious gamers can appreciate that bit of realism.


Backbreaker Football Game Modes

Backbreaker Football has 6 game modes including an online multiplayer.



Backbreaker Online

Backbreaker has an online multiplayer for exhibition games and tackle alley.  Unlike playing two players in exhibition mode, you will not have a split screen online.  You can still play online today on the Xbox 360 and PS3 as of (11-21-21).



Backbreaker Teams

There are 63 total Backbreaker Football Teams.  7 are unlockable teams that you can use in exhibition, season mode, or even road to backbreaker.

  • Albuquerque Atoms
  • Anaheim Thrashers
  • Arizona Assassins
  • Atlanta Firebirds
  • Baltimore Cannons
  • Birmingham Irons
  • Boston Smugglers
  • Little Rock Maulers
  • Buffalo Beasts
  • Carolina Leopards
  • Charleston Cougars
  • Charlotte Yellowjackets
  • Chicago Talons
  • Cincinnati Hogs
  • Cleveland Kings
  • Colorado Six Shooters
  • Columbia Colonels
  • Columbus Blitz
  • Dallas Spectres
  • D.C. Law Makers
  • Denver Outlaws
  • Detroit Demons
  • Fresno Wildfires
  • Green Bay Grizzlies
  • Honolulu Breakers
  • Houston Wranglers
  • Indianapolis Spartans
  • Jacksonville Amberjacks
  • Kansas City Blues
  • Las Vegas Rollers
  • Los Angeles Raptors
  • Miami Thunder
  • Michigan Tanks
  • Minnesota Mustangs
  • Nashville Guardians
  • New England Militia
  • New Jersey Pirates
  • New Orleans Settlers
  • New York Red Tails
  • Oakland Scourge
  • Oklahoma Stampede
  • Omaha Cyclones
  • Orlando Lightning
  • Philadelphia Liberty
  • Phoenix Inferno
  • Pittsburgh Pioneers
  • Portland Tomahawks
  • Salt Lake Wrath
  • San Antonio Scorpions
  • San Francisco Tridents
  • San Jose Coyotes
  • Seattle Wolves
  • St. Louis Racers
  • Tampa Bay Tigers
  • Tennessee Swarm
  • Wichita Wildcats



Create A Player

Backbreaker doesn’t have an actual create a player game mode.  However, you can edit all the player names on your team.  If you want to edit ratings, you’ll have to learn how to mod the Xbox 360 game file.


Create A Team

Backbreaker’s clever logo creator allows you to create any team you can imagine.  If you want to create the NFL, you can.  If you want to create college football teams, you can.


Backbreaker Football Xbox 360 vs PS3

The only difference between the Xbox 360 version and the PS3 version of Backbreaker is the ability to mod player ratings on the Xbox.  With the PC Editor, You can get more creative when creating teams in the game.  Everything else is the same.

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