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Backbreaker is an 11-on-11 unlicensed football game, most known for it’s unique tackles and high impact collisions caused by the Euphoria engine.  

Backbreaker was developed by Natural Motion for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in June of 2010.  About a month later a major patch named “Greathouse” was released for the game, which was a blessing and a curse.  

The much needed greathouse patch revamped the passing game, added more replay angles, and expanded the playbook.  Despite all the good things the Greathouse patch brought to the game, Backbreaker’s gameplay did take a step back in some areas.  Pass blocking, run blocking, pass rush, and downfield passing all declined.

Everytime a company patches a game, there is always a risk of them damaging aspects of the game that we love.  It happened to 2K games, Madden, and Backbreaker is no different.  

Following the Backbreaker update, it was much harder to hit a receiver in stride downfield.  Yup, no more epic 70 yard bombs to your favorite receiver (It rarely happens).  The ball often falls short of the desired trajectory, which causes the receiver to stop in order to make the catch.  

Backbreaker’s running game was almost destroyed by the Greathouse patch.  Newbies will not be able to pick the game up and have 200 yard rushing games.  

You will only be rewarded for being very skillful (which i don’t mind), but I believe it’s a bit excessive.  The main problem you will notice is: defensive lineman shooting the gaps way too often, without giving the user a way to counter it.  

Against any defense you can expect to have 25 carries for 36 yards, unless you are highly skilled.

Backbreaker football league Links

backbreaker game modes

  • Exhibition
  • Road To Backbreaker Mode
  • Season Mode
  • Tackle Alley
  • Training Camp

backbreaker game features

  • Custom Teams (Create A Team)

backbreaker teams

  • Albuquerque Atoms
  • Anaheim Thrashers
  • Arizona Assassins
  • Atlanta Firebirds
  • Baltimore Cannons
  • Birmingham Irons
  • Boston Smugglers
  • Little Rock Maulers
  • Buffalo Beasts
  • Carolina Leopards
  • Charleston Cougars
  • Charlotte Yellowjackets
  • Chicago Talons
  • Cincinnati Hogs
  • Cleveland Kings
  • Colorado Six Shooters
  • Columbia Colonels
  • Columbus Blitz
  • Dallas Spectres
  • D.C. Law Makers
  • Denver Outlaws
  • Detroit Demons
  • Fresno Wildfires
  • Green Bay Grizzlies
  • Honolulu Breakers
  • Houston Wranglers
  • Indianapolis Spartans
  • Jacksonville Amberjacks
  • Kansas City Blues
  • Las Vegas Rollers
  • Los Angeles Raptors
  • Miami Thunder
  • Michigan Tanks
  • Minnesota Mustangs
  • Nashville Guardians
  • New England Militia
  • New Jersey Pirates
  • New Orleans Settlers
  • New York Red Tails
  • Oakland Scourge
  • Oklahoma Stampede
  • Omaha Cyclones
  • Orlando Lightning
  • Philadelphia Liberty
  • Phoenix Inferno
  • Pittsburgh Pioneers
  • Portland Tomahawks
  • Salt Lake Wrath
  • San Antonio Scorpions
  • San Francisco Tridents
  • San Jose Coyotes
  • Seattle Wolves
  • St. Louis Racers
  • Tampa Bay Tigers
  • Tennessee Swarm
  • Wichita Wild Cats

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