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Mad Streets

Mad Streets is a super funny, action-packed, all-out war comedy game where you can choose to play the story and battle it out by yourself or with up to four pals, either in person or online.  Choose from 21 unique characters and prepare for battle on a variety of stages.  Get ready for lots of laughs and crazy fights in this physics-based game that’s all about having a blast with your friends!  

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  • Intial Release Date: June 16, 2020
  • Release Date: March 14, 2022
  • Developer: CRAFTSHOP ARTS INC.
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X & Series S, Xbox One, PC, Stadia
  • Genre: Fighting game
  • Engine: UNITY
  • Create A Character: No
  • Game Modes: 8
  • Single Player: Yes
  • Multiplayer: Yes
  • Online: Yes


Mad Streets is the hilarious multiplayer party game where you are sure to have a good time in brutal yet comical fist fighting through a vast array of game modes, both local and online, with players battling their way to become the baddest fighter on campus.

Mad Streets take place at Gutsford University. Will it be the Jocks or the Punks that will rule the town? Perhaps, the Rich kids? Pick your fighter and clear up some grudges in this one-of-a-kind feeling physics party game!

Mad Streets’ pick-up-and-play nature makes it ideal for when you want some quick fun, and it is also a great party game to try and settle some scores.

Aim for specific body parts, try the crazy button combo attacks and even use  your ultimate special moves to become the champion!

Pick up and throw any visible object. If you can hold it up, you can hurl it! Dump bins, cans, trays—even your buddies!

In brawls, you can compete head on with up to four other players, or work together to complete team objectives. The options available for customizing your matches include selecting the manner in which the match is judged, the location, and in some cases, the presence of a referee to judge the bout.


Mad Streets Game Modes:

Mad Rush – What team will you use to Mad Rush your way to the top? From the Jocks, Frats, Punks, or Bouncers Inc. Choose a team and go through a sequence of fights and objectives that unlock each faction’s story.

Random Matches – The first to get 5 wins is the winner!  This game mode is similar to Mad Rush, but without the story based elements, Random Mode combines straight up fighting, with its own lightning fast, unique objectives.

Rumble Mode – Rumble mode has simple fights without any objective and you will unlock new characters and locations when playing through Rumble mode.

One Punch – It is what it is! Just like the Knockout mode in EA Sports UFC 2, you only need one punch  to end the fight.

Horde – In this survival game mode type, Horde allows you to battle a lot of enemies.

Stadium – Stadium enables you to play stages that were unlocked in the story modes.

Mad Streets Characters

Mad Streets introduces an unique roster of characters, each with its own flair and fighting style. From the muscle-bound brawler to the quick and nimble trickster, there’s a character to suit every player’s preferred playstyle.

  1. Bolt
  2. Butcher
  3. Charles
  4. Dumpster
  5. Hugo
  6. Ivan
  7. Jag
  8. Johnny
  9. Kenzo
  10. Kid
  11. Max
  12. Mohinder
  13. Panzer
  14. Rafael
  15. Raj
  16. Rich
  17. Shaggy
  18. Spider
  19. Sting
  20. T-Wrecks
  21. Tiff



Mad Streets Stages

  1. Airplane – The only airline that will serve you a knuckle sandwich rather then a turkey sandwich.
  2. Airport Mishaps – Unlock in the Frats Mad Rush.
  3. Alley – The tenants in the high rise just love dumping all their trash out the window. Watch out!
  4. Antifans – Unlock in the Athletes Mad Rush
  5. Backyard – A great sunny day BBQ that just happened to go bad.  Settle your disputes and watch out for the hot BBQ.
  6. Bag em and load em – Unlock in the Bouncers Mad Rush
  7. Baldos Hollow – Unlock in the Athletes Mad Rush
  8. Bar Bouncin 2 – The bar is full.  Keep the students out!
  9. Barrel Smash – Who can break the most? Watch out for the hazardous ones.
  10. Battle Room – No one can hear the screams of pain coming out of this metal room.
  11. Bats – I’d grab a bat if I was you.
  12. Bottle Throw – Throw bottles at the bouncer.  He can take it!
  13. Bouncers HQ Outfront – Where a lot of Bouncer’s disputes get handled.
  14. Bouncers Inc. – The headquarters for Gutsford’s finest security service.
  15. Bouncin – Unlock in the Bouncers Mad Rush.
  16. Boxing Ring – No gloves today…
  17. Campfire – In the cold forest, a campfire warms some steak. Just hope it’s not burnt.
  18. Campfire Hideout – Unlock in the Athletes Mad Rush.
  19. Cargo Plane Vacation – Unlock in the Frats Mad Rush.
  20. Chains – You’re pinned!  Fight the horde!
  21. Cheating Grounds – Always Mad Attacking!
  22. Clear The Bar – These guys had too much slam soda…Pull them all out of the bar!
  23. Construction Site – The area of breakable bricks and sledgehammers.  Who needs hard hats?
  24. Court Canisters – Pretty deadly in the center.
  25. Dodgy Dodgeball – Unlock in the Athletes Mad Rush.
  26. Escaped – Escape from the giant dynamite! Maybe there’s an exit behind these loose bricks.
  27. Fenced – Strange treasures help you navigate this area.
  28. Food Fight – You’ll need a good throwing arm!
  29. Giant Hunt – What if Mohinder became a giant? Could you beat him?
  30. Grocery Store – Some say a group of locals have weekly boxing lessons for no reason in the grocery store.
  31. Guts Grill – The serve the greasiest burgers at Gutsford Grill.  Hungry?
  32. Gutsford Campus – A classic spot for after school scraps!
  33. Gutsford Chess – Unlock in the Punks Mad Rush.
  34. Gutsford Halls – A match where everyone’s a pawn.
  35. Gutsford Pub – The Gutsford Pub is home to many regulars.  Want to join the bar fight?
  36. Gym – Up for a quick workout?
  37. Hallway Showdown – Unlock in the Bouncers Mad Rush.
  38. Jock’s Hangout – In front of the Gutsford pub, the streets are filled with reckless drivers.  Great fighting grounds!
  39. Kid’s Kitchen – Chef Kid’s the master of this domain.
  40. King Of The Hill – After you make it to the top of this climb, the only thing left to do is throw everyone else off.
  41. Locker Showdown – Unlock in the Bouncers Mad Rush.
  42. Lockers – The mob invades the Grizzlies locker room!
  43. Luxury Cruse – Don’t need to lose a vote to get thrown off this raft.
  44. Mad Desert – those cacti are sticky!
  45. Max’s Room – In the cold forest, a campfire warms some steak.  Just hope it’s not burnt.
  46. Minefield – Who in Gutsford built a mine field?
  47. Mountain – They chased you all the way up a mountain.  Try not to fall off!
  48. No Man’s Land – The stealthiest spot where Gutsford Uni’s students could settle a score without risk of expulsion.
  49. No Park Zone – Unlock in the Bouncers Mad Rush.
  50. Not So Nice – Unlock in the Athletes Mad Rush.
  51. Pub Entrance – A nice cozy spot for some fisticuff’s.
  52. Ring Out – Step off stage and you’re out.
  53. Rooftop – Let’s get explosive while battling it out on top of the school campus.
  54. Safe Beatdown – Unlock in the Punks Mad Rush.
  55. Safe Heist – Unlock in the Punks Mad Rush.
  56. Scaffoldin’ – Having a fight while window cleaning isn’t the brightest idea.
  57. Slow Mo – a slow motion test scene.
  58. Snowfield – It’s a cold and painful wonderland!
  59. Stranded – Unlock in the Frats Mad Rush.
  60. Streets – In front of the Gutsford pub, the streets are filled with reckless drivers.  Great fighting grounds!
  61. Sword’s – Who is the chosen one?
  62. Taking Out The Trash – Unlock in the Bouncers Mad Rush.
  63. Tea Time at the Frat House – Where the boys devise plans over some nice tea.
  64. Teddys vs Mascot – KO the mascot with Teddys as a team!
  65. Test 8 Man Octagon – Testing 8 man mode (beta).
  66. Test Fast – Testing 1.5x the speed, and a camera that stays focused on everyone (beta).
  67. The Abyss – Where are we, and what are these letters doing here?  No matter, it’s time to fight.
  68. The Mad Octagon – The underground scrapping league in Gutsford.
  69. Toss em – Unlock in the Punks Mad Rush.
  70. Trash – Easiest way to trash your opponents.
  71. University Bridge – What was supposed to be a nice spot for couples, turns out to be a nice place to execute revenge.
  72. Vacation Raffle – Unlock in the Frats Mad Rush.
  73. Visitor Hours – Unlock in the Punks Mad Rush.



Mad Streets Teams

  1. Jocks
  2. Frats
  3. Punks
  4. Bouncers Inc.
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