How To Reduce Dropped Passes In Backbreaker

How To Reduce Dropped Passes In Backbreaker?

Are you wondering why your receivers keep dropping the ball in Backbreaker?  In this article I will address why receivers drop passes and how to reduce dropped passes in Backbreaker.

There is a chance your receivers are mad at you lol.  Defenders in Backbreaker hit hard.   Backbreaker is the hardest hitting football game ever made mainly due to its physics engine.  With that being said, receivers tend to drop lots of passes if you lead them into a hit.  Defenders in Backbreaker will allow you to catch the ball, because they prefer to hit you.  It’s called Backbreaker for a reason.  To throw in traffic you will need good receivers, so throw into open space often and avoid those hits.



4 Reasons Why Backbreaker Receivers Drop Passes

There are a four reasons why Backbreaker receivers drop passes.

  1. Hard Hit -- A hard hit can jar the ball loose no matter how good a receiver is, but the good ones can catch a higher percentage of passes.
  2. Low Focus -- Sometimes a receiver is just ass.  If he’s dropping wide open passes, check his ratings.
  3. Form -- Form is the X-factor.  Form determines how players will play on gameday no matter what their ratings are.
  4. Low Strength -- Strength is not talked about enough, but will allow players to catch in traffic at a higher rate.



User Control

Before we can reduce the dropped passes in Backbreaker, let’s find out why the receiver is dropping passes.  Backbreaker’s linebackers and defensive backs hit very hard.  If you always lead the receiver into a hit, that will result in many dropped passes.

Throw the receiver open instead.  Lead your receivers into space as often as you can and that alone will reduce the amount of dropped passes you experience.  There are times however, you will need to throw into tight zones and tight spaces.   You will need a good receiver with the right ratings to make those tough catches.


Backbreaker’s Focus Rating

The first rating you must check when you’re trying to reduce dropped passes in Backbreaker is the focus rating.  Focus is Backbreaker’s hands attribute.  Dependable receivers will have a focus of 90-99.  These are your money guys when things get tough, but they will still drop some passes too.  The right hit will always knock the ball loose and don’t forget to check your player’s form.  Some players have recommended holding the focus button while catching (L2 on PS3 and LT on Xbox 360).  I can’t personally confirm whether this works or not.


Backbreaker Form

How To Reduce Dropped Passes In Backbreaker Backbreaker Form

A player’s form can cause him to drop passes.  A receiver will drop more passes if his form is trending down.  If you play on random form, look for the receiver who’s form is trending up.  You can also play with form set on very good and this will give all players a boost in ratings, even the trash ones.



How To Catch Passes In Traffic

All receiver’s are not created equal.  There are some receivers that can catch in traffic better than others, but high focus alone is not responsible for this. Stronger players are able to hold on to the ball in traffic.  Strength plays a major factor in whether or not the receiver can hold on to the ball while being hit.

If you need to throw into tight spaces, find a receiver with good focus and strength.




This is football.  You have to know your players and how they are rated.  You need to know which receivers are possession receivers and who are your speed guys.  Playing Backbreaker requires some knowledge of football and stick skills.  Backbreaker allows you to have total control of the passing game.  If you have a good qb, you’ll be able to make any throw that’s needed.  Throw the ball into open space when it’s available.  When you need to make a tight throw, target the guy that has good form, focus, and enough strength.  If you don’t have either of those things, you’re fucked.

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