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Madden NFL 2002 PS2 (HD) – Complete Game Features and Modes

I love my retro Madden games and that’s not gonna change especially since PS2 emulators were released and gave me access to HD quality.  Madden 2002 is one of my favorite Madden games, because of the ultra smooth gameplay, create a team, and custom sliders that actually work.  Those same things are the reason I keep coming back to the retro versions of Madden NFL in the first place.  Madden 2002 along with 2001 are the only Madden games known to have the crowd chant feature which really brought the game to life.  Something so small, but very effective.




Madden 2002 Cover


Madden 2002 PS2 Cover

Daunte Culpepper was the Madden 2002 cover athlete who sadly fell victim to the “Madden Curse”.  The Culpepper to Randy Moss combination was hard to stop, but honestly anybody who threw to Randy Moss had the potential to look good.  The only exception could be made for Aaron Brooks in Oakland, but he was a jackass, so he don’t count.



Madden NFL 2002  Game Modes


  • Quick Game
  • Two Minute Drill -- Test your skills inside a two minute situation.  How many times can you score in two minutes?
  • Training Mode -- Training mode is similar to practice, but with guided tutorials and points for completing tasks.
  • Exhibition -- your typical exibition mode that has 6 NFL Europe Teams, 1 NFL Europe Alumni team, several historical NFL teams, and all-time NFL teams.
  • Season -- Season mode is similar to franchise, but you don’t get to play multiple seasons in a row.  Kinda pointless to be honest.
  • Franchise -- Franchise allows you to play multiple seasons, so you can turn your team into a dynasty.
  • Tournament
  • Custom League
  • Practice
  • Situation



Madden NFL 2002 Game Features


Create A  Player -- you can’t create players in Franchise Mode, so if you want your created players to appear in franchise you have to create them before you start the franchise.

Create A Team -- Create a team allows you to choose between preset logos (There is no custom logo creator for ps2).  Choose your team nickname, city, state, and climate.  The only drawback (If you call it that) is that you get your players from current team rosters.  If you want different players, you must edit the NFL team roster that you assigned to your created team.

Edit Player -- allows you to edit the existing NFL players.  You can change their first and last name, height, weight, hair color, hair style, jersey number, throwing hand, body build, equipment, and attributes.

Madden Cards -- awarded for completing game achievments



Madden NFL 2002 Franchise Mode


When you start Madden 2002 franchise mode you have several options:

  • View Roster
  • Roster Breakdown -- check to see if you are short on players at any position.
  • Sign Free Agents
  • Release Players
  • Trade Players
  • Re -- sign Players
  • Adjust Depth Chart
  • Substitutions
  • Check Injury Report
  • Delete Created Players -- you can delete created players that were created before you began franchise mode.


Franchise Coach Options

Madden Franchise Coach Options


  • Coach Profiles -- a really great option if you watch cpu vs cpu gameplay.  Coach profiles allows you to set how your coach will run the team if a game is simulated or if you play cpu vs cpu gameplay.  As you can see from the screenshot above, not only can you choose the playbook you wanna use, you can also choose if you favor the run or pass with percentage adjustments and whether the play calling will be more conservative or aggressive.  It’s good to be able to make adjustments according to the talent on the roster.  If my quarterback was trash, I would definitely choose to run the ball 60% or more and play conservative.  Once again, this is for how you want the cpu to control your team. 
  • Coach Positions -- allows you to toggle between available coaching jobs if any are available.



Madden Franchise Awards

Weekly Awards -- features the offensive and defensive player of the week.

Yearly Awards -- Available after week 8 of the season.

Pro Bowl -- Available after week 8 of the season.

All-Madden -- available one week before the Super Bowl.



Madden 2002 PS2 Emulator


Madden 2002 PS2 Emulator


The Madden 2002 PS2 Emulator gives you the same great ps2 gameplay, but with HD Quality.  The emulator that I use is the PCSX2 1.4.0.  It takes some time to set it up, but once you get it going you’ll be able to enjoy the HD version of the game.

I use a program called DS4Windows and it allows me to use my PS4 controller to play the PS2 games.  The screenshot above was taken from the emulator.  If you’re familiar with original version of the game, you’ll quickly notice how much sharper the image is.

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