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NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCSX2) 4K Settings

NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCSX2) 4K Settings

NCAA Gamebreaker 2004_PCX2 4K Settings

If you would like to play NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 in 4K, your graphics card must be able to produce 4K quality.  The following settings are the ones I use to play NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 in 4K on my pc.  The settings for NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 are not perfect.  I can’t figure out how to get rid of the pixelation under the players.  You can even see the black pixelation under the players in the thumbnail.


NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCSX2) – GSdx

NCAA Gamebreaker 2004_PCSX2 Emulator_GSDX Settings

  • Adapter: Choose your graphics card here.
  • Internal Resolution: Custom
  • Custom Resolution: 3840 x 2160

NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCSX2) – EE/IOP

NCAA Football 06 PCX2 Setting EE IOP

  • Clamping Mode: Extra + Preserve Sign

NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCSX2) –  VUs

NCAA Gamebreaker 2004_PCSX2 Emulator_VUs

  • Clamping Mode: Extra + Preserve Sign
  • Round Mode: Chop/Zero


NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCX2) – GS

NCAA Football 06 PCX2 Settings-GS

  • Turbo Adjust: 200%


NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCX2) – GS Window

NCAA Football 06 PCX2 Settings GS Window

  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16×9)
  • Custom Window Size: This always auto changes for me even though i change it.
  • I made no real changes here.  Feel free to experiment here.


NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCX2) – Speed Hacks

NCAA Football 06 PCX2 Settings-Speed Hacks

  • Enable Speedhacks: checked
  • mVU Flag Hack: checked
  • MTVU (Multi-Threaded microVU1): checked


NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 (PCX2) – Game Fixes

NCAA Football 06 PCX2 Settings-Game Fixes

  • No changes here but you can experiment if you choose.

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