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Backbreaker » 3 Quarterbacks With The Most To Prove This Season

3 Quarterbacks With The Most To Prove

There are 3 Backbreaker Football League quarterbacks with the most to prove this season. Kylan Hedges (Road To Backbreaker), Swizzy Blanco, and Kamar Jean-Pierre.

Turnover prone Kylan Hedges was a gift and a curse in Road To Backbreaker.  You never knew if he was gonna lift the team or destroy it.  It was unclear whether or not Hedges would get another opportunity to play quarterback, but he gets one more chance with the Xtreme.  If he doesn’t perform well this season, Hedges will be moved to running back where he can hopefully extend his career.

Swizzy Blanco came over from the hell that’s called Salt Lake Stallions.  In his time in the AAF Football League, Blanco was 0-3 and the most sacked quarterback in the league.  Even with his best performances, the team couldn’t manage a win.

Mr. Perfect Kamar Jean-Pierre did something no other quarterback has been able to do.  He finished a season without a single interception.  The XFL’s season was only 8 games long, but now he will play a 16 game season.  Can he be perfect again playing against the best talent in the world?  Ugh probably not considering he threw a pick six in preseason.


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