BACKBREAKER » How To Unlock 505 Games Football Team

Backbreaker - How To Unlock 505 gAMES Football Team

How to unlock 505 Games football team in Backbreaker?  To Unlock the 505 Games team in Backbreaker, scroll to the Locker Room tab on the main menu and enter code UINUWU3FSFJ5QYRF8WQX.


Backbreaker 》How To Unlock 505 Games Football Team

That’s all you need!  The 505 Games team is now available to play in exhibition mode, season mode, and Road To Backbreaker.

If you choose to use the 505 Games team in Road To Backbreaker, the ratings of the team will automatically change for the mode.  Most of your players will have low ratings for the mode and it will be up to you to sign the right players.

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