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Backbreaker_3 Tier Salary Cap

By default Backbreaker uses a 3 tier star system that rates each player as gold, silver, or bronze.  The gold players are the stars of the team and are rated the highest.  The silver players are not the best players on the field, but they are solid additions to the roster.  Last but not least, bronze players are the worst rated and will be exposed often if matched up against a gold or silver tier player.

To provide game-balancing for the Backbreaker Football League, an archetype based rating system was created to hopefully assist with some of the games flaws.


Backbreaker Football League Salary Cap

The Backbreaker Football League’s salary cap is currently $110 million dollars per season.  All player contracts in the league are 1-year prove it deals.  No one as of today will sign a multi-year long term contract.  All player contracts are affected by their current star tier and their archetype.  Player progression and salary increases is controlled by player archetype based objectives.



Gold Tier Salary Cap

Gold star players in the Backbreaker Football League are valued at $10 million per season.  Gold tier players are considered stars, so there are fewer gold stars available than silver or bronze.  Gold star players are the best players on the field, but they weigh heavy on the salary cap.  To remain as a gold star tier, players must meet the high expectations of their position specific archetype.  For example: a precision passer quarterback will have different expectations than a mobile quarterback.


Silver Tier Salary Cap

Silver star players are valued at $5 million per season.  They are solid additions to any team.  Silver star players are good players, but they are not the stars of the team.


Bronze Tier Salary Cap

Bronze star players are valued the lowest at $1 million per season, because they are roster fill ins.  These players have very low expectations and are not expected to make the team.  Bronze players are average at best and have the lowest ratings of the star tiers.  Since they are roster fill ins, these players have no expectations.  If a bronze player have a big year and receive a boost up to silver or gold, that’s a big win for any team.  There are more bronze star players in the league than silver and gold combined.

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