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Backbreaker Xbox One & PS4 compatibility check.  Football fans that are on the hunt for Madden alternatives often look in a few places.  NFL 2K5, All-Pro FootbalI 2K8, Blitz The League, Blitz The League 2, and Backbreaker are common titles that come to mind when looking for football games not named Madden. Sadly none of those games are on Microsoft’s Backwards compatible list or the PS4 remastered list as of the date of this post.


Is Backbreaker compatible with the Xbox One and/or the PS4?

Short answer: Nope

At the time of the this post, Backbreaker is currently not available for the Xbox One or the PS4.  However, if you still have your older systems, you can play this game on the Xbox 360 and PS3.


Backbreaker Xbox One Backwards Compatibility


Backbreaker Xbox One Cover

Although Backbreaker is not currently available on the Xbox One, you can stay updated on the backwards compatibility list from Microsoft.  The list is full of playable Xbox 360 games that are backwards compatible with the Xbox One, but there are not a lot of sports titles in general on the list.



Backbreaker PS4 Backwards Compatibility


Backbreaker PS4 Cover

There’s no backwards compatibility with the PS4 system.  The only chance of playing an older game on PS4 is if the game was remastered.  Currently that’s the only chance of us getting a Backbreaker game on the PS4 system. Check out the list of remastered retro games that’s playable on the PS4 》》》PS4 Remastered Games

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