Top 10 Hottest Quarterbacks Heading Into Week 1 》Backbreaker Football League

Backbreaker_Top 10 Hottest quarterbacks heading into week 1

The Backbreaker Football League preseason is over, many players have been scouted and now it’s time to look at the top 10 hottest quarterbacks heading into week 1.


  1. Kezzy Whitehead – Following his release from the Sentinels, Whitehead played a flawless first half of the preseason, giving his team a 28-0 lead over the Alabama Bolts.
  2. Shane Spain – Spain threw 3 touchdown passes in the first half in his preseason action against the Texas Bruisers.
  3. Conrad Damon – Damon threw 3 touchdown passes to bring his team from behind 21-7 in their preseason game against the Minnesota Rush.
  4. Lamaul Mexico – Lamaul got off to a hot 2 touchdown start and threw his 3rd td late in the 4th quarter to Richard Bush.
  5. Blake Red – Blake was scouted the whole game and he didn’t disappoint.  Red threw for 3 touchdown passes in a 40-13 rout of the Kansas Storm.
  6. Adrian Zenix – even in a losing effort, Adrian Zenix showed off his accuracy and running ability in his preseason debut vs the Kings.  Zenix finished the game with 2 total touchdowns, but ran out of time on a possible game winning drive.
  7. Shane Cline – Heat seeker!  Shane Cline came into the game already on fire.  Cline only played in the 4th quarter and that’s all he needed.  Shane was able to bring his team back after being down 7-0.  Shane Cline finished the game with 2 touchdown passes and a 14-7 win over the highest overall team (LA Stars). Cline is currently 3rd on the qb depth chart, but look for him to move up to #2 or even a possible trade is coming.
  8. Ace Rhodes – In his one quarter of action, Rhodes was a perfect 6-6 on his first drive, which was finished with a touchdown pass to Trent Hurley.
  9. Dre Drizzy – Drizzy completed some clutch throws on the final drive and threw the game winning touchdown to give the spartans the 14-7 win over Delaware.
  10. Dejohn Walker – Although he’s not the starter, Walker gave the Black Knight stability as they cruised to victory over the Youtube Gamers.  Walker played only in the 2nd half in relief for the turnover prone Cannon Joe.


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1 year ago

idk but I check every players stats some don't have any and some do is there somthing like a playing time

Edley Romeus
Edley Romeus
1 year ago

I check edley moss stats it says he did not play a game game yet?

Last edited 1 year ago by Edley Romeus
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