Sportspress Stats Disappeared? This May Help

I have been using sportspress pro for less than a year as of today, and I have learned some painful lessons.  The lesson I am talking about today is changing the variable name of your stats.

Here is my warning: Do NOT change the name (variable) of your stats if you have a lot of stats saved!!!  If your stats have magically disappeared or is no longer displaying correctly, it may be due to this.


In the screenshot below, you’ll see I have a lot of players with 0 carries and because of this it affected the average per attempt also, which is set up by equation.  This happened because I changed the name of the stat itself and the variable was changed also.  I didn’t know the variable would change, so now i have to re-enter those stats for the league.


It may have been a glitch that only happened to me, but this is just a heads up

I hope this helped somebody.


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