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BFL Season 1 Trailer

BFL (Season 1.1) Official Trailer

  BFL (Season 1.1) Official Trailer The BFL official return trailer featuring new teams, returning teams, new gameplay and more.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Championship Game Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Championship Highlights

Two of the most unlikely teams have made it to the BFL Championship game. This league contains all-time NCAA and NFL teams and none of them have made it here. The Scorpions is all offense and managed to make it to the big game with a mediocore defense.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 16 Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 16 Highlights

Week 16 is the rematch of week 15. All teams played each other again back to back to decide the season’s final playoff spots. The Eagles were able to win their division, The Scorpions lose 6 straight games, but still have their playoff spot.