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Is Backbreaker Available On PC?

Is Backbreaker Available on PC?  The 11-on-11 version of Backbreaker was released on Xbox 360 and PS3.  However, there is

Backbreaker Stadiums

Backbreaker Stadiums

There are 13 playable Backbreaker stadiums in the game and only one of those is an indoor dome.  California and

BFL Season 1 Trailer

BFL (Season 1.1) Official Trailer

  BFL (Season 1.1) Official Trailer The BFL official return trailer featuring new teams, returning teams, new gameplay and more.

Backbreaker Ratings Explained

Backbreaker Ratings Explained

Backbreaker has 4 ratings, which are described as focus, agility, speed, and strength.  While simplicity is good, Backbreaker rating system

Backbreaker Sliders

Backbreaker Sliders/Settings

Often after watching my Backbreaker highlights, viewers want to know which settings do i use in my league games.  Backbreaker