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Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Championship Game Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Championship Highlights

Two of the most unlikely teams have made it to the BFL Championship game. This league contains all-time NCAA and NFL teams and none of them have made it here. The Scorpions is all offense and managed to make it to the big game with a mediocore defense.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 16 Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 16 Highlights

Week 16 is the rematch of week 15. All teams played each other again back to back to decide the season’s final playoff spots. The Eagles were able to win their division, The Scorpions lose 6 straight games, but still have their playoff spot.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 15 Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 15 Highlights

West Canaan clinched their division with a win over T.C. Williams. It only took 8 games to win the division, which is kinda pathetic, but a win is a win.
The Scorpions and ESU both are playing for playoff position, but ESU hasn’t clinched a spot yet.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 14 Football Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 14 Highlights

West Canaan takes the division lead with their 31-28 lead over the Kilpatrick Mustangs. The Coyotes will be 7-4-3 going into week 15. Florida holds on to the division lead with their win over Ohio State, but anything can happen from here.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 13 Football Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 13 Highlights

Week 13 of the BFL – The Gators desperately need to win the rest of their games to clinch a playoff spot, but their facing the #2 seed Philadelphia Eagles. UNC with Emmanuel at quarterback is a very dangerous team, but mistakes almost cost them the game against Notre Dame.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 11 Football Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 11 Highlights

It’s not too early to talk playoffs, but some of these teams are gonna have to wait until week 16 before they can clinch a playoff spot. The New Orleans Saints is one team that won’t have to wait until week 16, because after their win against Nebraska they are in full control of the ABFC South division.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 10 Football Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 10 Highlights

The hot streak of team USA continues this week vs the 49ers. Although it was a close one, USA got the win. The Mud Dogs are 3rd in their division at 3-6, but they continue to beat teams they are not supposed to win against. The Louisiana Mud Dogs are now 4-6 after their 20-13 win against the Chicago Bears.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 9 Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 9 Highlights

Week 9 of the BFL – UNC (user team) made a change at quarterback and it’s paying dividends on the stat sheet and in the standings. Emmanuel has given this team a much needed spark running and passing.
The Miami Sharks get there first win of the season with a win over FSU.

Backbreaker_BFL Throwback (2011) Week 8 Highlights

Backbreaker BFL (Throwback) Week 8 Highlights

Tweeder becomes the 1st receiver to reach 1,000 yards receiving, but the Coyotes fall flat against the #2 defense. West Canaan played exceptional vs higher quality of teams, but were shut out 10-0 against the Cougars another high school team who’s on their level.