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Blitz The League 1 Campaign Atlanta Kings (Division 3) Highlights

Blitz The League 1 Campaign – The Atlanta Kings came into Division 3 with awesome created character names, but unproven on the field.

Our head coach, Tony Jones was supposed to help us resist injuries, but that was the biggest lie told in campaign, considering we lost 3 players for the season.

Offensive Coordinator- “The Texas Bruiser” was a perfect fit for the team, since we selected Tyrone Kilgore as our Rookie story.

Defensive Coordinator-Jim Campen loves to blitz, but doesn’t know shit about the secondary.  To counter his incompetance, I chose safety Darryl Kinsman to help out the defensive backs and it worked for the most part.  We still was getting burned back there.



Division 3 MVP’s

Division 3 was a damn good team effort, but a few players stood out among the rest.  First, let’s talk about Lamaul Mexico.  Lamaul wasn’t able to use his mobility, because his speed was lacking.  He basically was a pocket passer in division 3, but he still managed to dot up the league.

Richard Bush was unstoppable.  You could clearly see his speed was different from every other player on the field.  Bush was our TO.  He wanted the ball and he delivered everytime we gave it to him.  Anytime we needed a big play, just throw it to #80.

Tyrone Kilgore aka T-Killa, was 2nd in total touchdowns, behind Mexico.

Our defensive standout players was Wishaniggawould, Darryl Kinsman, Ace Molder, and Rick Story.

“Wishaniggawould” The name says it all.  He was the enforcer on the defense.  Wishaniggawould forced 6 turnovers and was responsible for injuring a list of players.  I can’t believe they decided to get rid of him for Bruno Battaglia.


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