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Madden 2003 NFL Draft Series » Deshaun Jones #1 Overall NFL Draft


The Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock in the Madden 2003 NFL Draft after going 0-16 in the previous season.  The Chiefs have so many holes to fill as the organization is clearly in rebuild mode.  Should they take a qb?  Yes they should considering they have decent targets to throw to and they have a good running back Priest Holmes in the backfield.

Kansas City is terrible on defense.  They were dead last in points allowed with 499, and If they decided to address a defensive need #1 overall It would be understandable.  Their best player on defense was 84 overall defensive end Eric Hicks.  In the previous season Hicks had 93 tackles, and 9 sacks.

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Kansas City Chiefs #1 Overall Draft Pick

In Madden 2003, the Kansas City Chiefs must have the worst front office in the NFL.  They ignored all of the teams real needs and made one of the worst picks you can make.  Instead of taking a projected first rounder, they shocked the entire world by taking wide receiver Deshaun Jones from USC despite not being a top 10 wideout in his class.  The pick made no sense whatsoever.  Jones at best is a 3rd-4th pick and they could have waited for him.

Comment below!  What do you think about this pick?

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