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bobby anthony
bobby anthony
11 days ago

Hello, Mr. Highlight, sir. I'm Bobby Anthony and I'm here to tell you that I have a sports league. It's called: The Professional Simulation Football League. It's a 16-team league since being a 4-team league in 2019.

I really love your channel. I have been a fan of your channel ever since I was in my teen years. Since you're good at doing this, well this league is also based on video games like Axis Football and Madden NFL 07 (Where the first season was held), would you be interested in doing the post-game shows after the games? Y'know, like, after the games, doing post game shows, telling them what the final scores are?

What I'm saying is: You want to be hired, sir?

Sure, I'm still at making this league better every year, but, it's going good. It's going to be fun with you with the PSFL. Also, which team would you support if you were a fan, Mr. Highlight?

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