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3 College Dropouts To Play In AAF – Backbreaker

3 College Dropouts To Play In AAF - Backbreaker

Backbreaker D-League adds the AAF division and 3 BCAA college players leave to sign contracts.  Wide receiver Daniel Williams, Savage Darius, and two-way player Quentin Dee all left starting positions to play in the AAF.

Savage Darius – Wide Receiver

Savage Darius - Backbreaker College Football League

Savage Darius leaves a starting wide receiver spot at SU to play backup running back for the Atlanta Legends.  I don’t understand the move, but hopefully it works out for him.


Quentin Dee – ATH

Quentin Dee - Backbreaker College Football League

Quentin Dee leaves Texahoma where he had big star potential to play cornerback for the Memphis Express.


Daniel Williams – Wide Receiver

Daniel Williams - Backbreaker College Football League

Daniel Williams leaves a starting wide receiver position at LA State to also start at wideout for the Salt Lake Stallions.

We’ll see what happens.

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