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Colorado Buffaloes In Blitz The League 2 (Week 7) Highlights


Check out the 2023 Colorado Buffaloes playing in Blitz The League 2. In week 7, the Buffs go up against the Cleveland Steamers, and our defense had a tough time dealing with Blitz The League 2 team captain Henry Cho and Justin Jonas.

It was a super exciting game that went down to the last minute, and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

This Blitz The League matchup had it all. Justin Jonas was tearing it up as a kick returner and as a wide receiver, giving us a hard time. And when Jonas didn’t have the ball, the Cleveland Steamers targeted Henry Cho, who kept the momentum going.

Big shoutout to the Steamers’ quarterback, Karl. He might not be their team captain, but this guy can seriously play. Mad respect for him!


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