NPSFL Football League Rebirth On Madden 2003

NPSFL Football League Rebirth On Madden 2003

The NPSFL Tournament was a fun and exciting series that the entire community was able to be a part of.  The tournament was initially held on Madden 2002 and only had 12 NPSFL division 1 teams.  At the time of the series, there was only 11 division 1 teams, so the Orlando Hornets was added to give the tourney an even number of teams.  The Hornets actually dominated the tournament and became the 1st NPSFL Football League Champions.

Season 2, which is the rebirth of the National Public Safety Football League, will be hosted on Madden 2003 with the Dolphin Emulator.  The new NPSFL Football League will have 32 teams and will be ran in the Madden 2003 franchise mode.



NPSFL Rebirth Teams

  1. Bakersfield Falcons
  2. Baltimore Warhawks
  3. Central Texas Wolfpack
  4. Charlotte Cobras
  5. Chicago Blaze
  6. Chicago Enforcers
  7. Cleveland Warriors
  8. Columbus Marauders
  9. D.C. Generals
  10. Dallas Defenders
  11. Durham Freeze
  12. DWF Metro Stars
  13. DWF Panthers
  14. Indiana Stampede
  15. LA Centurions
  16. Los Angeles Grizzlies
  17. New York Bravest
  18. New York Strongest
  19. New York’s Boldest
  20. New York’s Finest
  21. Orange County Lawmen
  22. Orlando Guardians
  23. Orlando Hornets
  24. Philadelphia Blue Flame
  25. Roanoke Rampage
  26. San Bernardino Spartans
  27. San Diego Enforcers
  28. St. Louis Heat
  29. Tri-State Shields
  30. n/a
  31. n/a
  32. n/a


There are still 3 teams to be added to this list.  If you want to add a custom team or a former NPSFL team, comment below.

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Dr. Disappointment
Dr. Disappointment
8 months ago

Durham Freeze.

Dr. Disappointment
Dr. Disappointment
7 months ago
Reply to  mrhighlight84

I would like them to be offensive, their kinda balanced but leaning towards the run, I would like for them to have a mobile QB like Riley Leonard.

Dr. Disappointment
Dr. Disappointment
8 months ago

Durham Freeze. I’m hyped for this league

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