WWE 12 » Kingamania’s Evil Plot To The WWE World Championship

WWE 12 Kingamania Evil Plot To Win World Heavweight Championship

WWE 12 » Kingamania’s Evil Plot To The WWE World Championship

In WWE 12, Kingamania ascends to the WWE World Champion throne, leaving a trail of chaos and betrayal. He acted like everyone’s friend, but deep down, he just wanted to be the champion.

Seizing an opportunity, Kingamania stirs the pot when John Cena adamantly rejects a heel turn, causing a rift with Hulk Hogan. A heated exchange escalates, leading to Hogan’s suspicious hit-and-run incident in the parking garage. He blamed Cena for it.

The ensuing Monday Night Raw witnesses an explosive rivalry between Hogan and Cena, marked by a relentless brawl across the arena. Meanwhile, Kingamania, offering to be Cena’s ally, draws the attention of the ever-vigilant C.M. Punk.


WWE 12 Royal Rumble

The WWE 12 Royal Rumble sets the stage for another clash between Hogan and Cena, with Kingamania once again intervening. Realizing he’s outmatched, Hogan recruits C.M. Punk as his tag partner, igniting an all-out war.


WWE 12 Elimination Chamber

At the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Hogan reveals shades of his NWO days, paying Kingamania to betray Cena. In a 2 vs. 2 tag team match, Kingamania’s deceit becomes evident as he double-crosses Cena, securing victory for Hogan.


WWE 12 Wrestle Mania

WrestleMania becomes the battleground for Cena and Hogan. However, a shocking turn of events sees Kingamania interfering, attacking both wrestlers and eventually seizing the championship.  He attacked both of them with a chair, helped Hogan win, and then took advantage by cashing in the Money In The Bank he found in the parking lot to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.



Just when Kingamania was celebrating, the lights went out, and guess who showed up? The Undertaker, ready to bring some karma.

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