How Does Backbreaker Weather Conditions Affect Gameplay?

How Does Backbreaker Weather Conditions Affect Gameplay

How Does Backbreaker Weather Conditions Affect Gameplay?  Backbreaker has 4 different weather types, but only 2 types of weather clearly affects gameplay.

Fair Weather In Backbreaker

Fair weather in Backbreaker is your normal type of gameplay.  There is not much wind or rain, so turnovers such as fumbles should be at a minimum, unless a player’s form comes into play.


Cold Weather In Backbreaker

Besides being able to see the game temperature, cold weather in Backbreaker has no obvious affect to gameplay.


Windy Weather In Backbreaker

Playing Backbreaker in high wind conditions will be clearly noticeable in multiple aspects of the gameplay.  I have see wind conditions 20 mph+ and that type of wind will affect kicks, punts, and passing.


Rain Weather In Backbreaker

Rainy weather is the worst possible weather you can play in Backbreaker.  Rain games have a combination of high winds and of course wet conditions.  This weather type causes lots of turnovers, especially fumbles.  The ball will get slippery out there and it will be a lot easier to jar it loose.


Is There Snow Weather In Backbreaker?

Backbreaker doesn’t have snow weather in the game.

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