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Backbreaker Sliders/Settings

Backbreaker Sliders

Often after watching my Backbreaker highlights, viewers want to know which settings do i use in my league games.  Backbreaker doesn’t have gameplay sliders that we’re accustomed to using, so I use a combination of settings and custom ratings to get the best possible highlights in my videos.


Best Backbreaker Settings (Patched Version)

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Style: Pro
  • Form: Random



Backbreaker Settings For Beginners

If you’re new to Backbreaker and still struggling to throw the football, I recommend you to use the easiest settings possible.  Obviously, use the easy difficulty until you learn to make all the throws.  If you’re new to football or struggling on defense, use the arcade style of football.  The arcade style will show the offense’s playcall on the screen, so you’ll know what they are about to try against you.  Choose very good form, so all of your players will play up to their ratings and even better.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Style: Arcade
  • Form: Very Good



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