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BFL Kick Return Leaders【S1.1】

Backbreaker Football League

PlayerKRKR YdsKR AvgFum
Earl Megget617228.70
Gridiron Xtreme BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football LeagueLamar Cousins715021.41
Florida Roughriders BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football LeagueKintrell Whatley611919.80
Elmer Cardoza511022.00
Cole Hewitt59719.41
Miami Sharks BFL Logo 2_Backbreaker Football LeagueLane Lacy48220.50
Cohen Waters Jr.47518.81
Adrian Smith27437.00
Usain Bolt37424.70
Nestor Willis36421.30
Kevin Otez IV26030.00
Felix Amadou25829.00
Shayne Kilpatrick25728.50
Vegas Gamblers Logo_Backbreaker Football LeagueKenny Dash24824.00
David McGee24723.50
Detroit Monsters Logo_Backbreaker Football LeagueJake Miller34414.70
Vegas Gamblers Logo_Backbreaker Football LeagueJabari Michael24422.00
T.J. Starr14343.00
Fast Draft23819.00
Detroit Monsters Logo_Backbreaker Football LeagueJay Young23517.50
Conner Graves23316.50
Quinn McCarthy13232.00
New Mexico Scorpions_Backbreaker BFL LogoTevor Ricker23216.00
Michael Brooks12929.00
Alabama Bolts_Backbreaker Football League TeamJalen Yates22914.50
Miami Sharks BFL Logo 2_Backbreaker Football LeagueTrey Wade12929.00
Mister Mane22512.50
Dirty Birds_Backbreaker Football League WallpaperMarcus Smith12424.00
Sacksonville_Backbreaker Football League WallpaperTre Ratliff12424.00
Heath Merlin12323.00
Sacksonville Logo_Backbreaker Football LeagueTre Martin12121.00
Alabama Bolts_Backbreaker Football League TeamChris Jones11919.00
Zaire Singleton11919.00
Rasheed Wallace11616.00
Carmelo Vazquez11010.00
Marquise Casey284.01
Kid Franchise155.00
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