Blitz The League Captain Daunell Sullivan Will Lead Gridiron Xtreme

Daunell Sullivan_Blitz The League Captain

Blitz The League captain Daunell Sullivan was named team captain for the Gridiron Xtreme football team.  Sullivan will be a rookie in the Backbreaker Football League when he debuts, but in Blitz The League 2 he was the star running back for the Houston Riders.

Can Sullivan make a name for himself in the BFL?  We’ll have to wait for that, but Daunell is on a team where he’ll be the focal point of the offense.  Who knows whether his QB Kylan Hedges will help or hurt the team, because he has a very inconsistent past.

To be contenders, Gridiron Xtreme will need to give Daunell Sullivan at least 30 touches every game.


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