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Modded Ratings Overhauled To Give A Madden Like Approach

Modded Ratings Overhauled To Give A Madden Like Approach

If you’ve ever worked with modded ratings in Backbreaker, you know that the team overall ratings doesn’t matter.  Your custom team could have a 20 overall rating, but the team could actually be all 99 max players.  The reason for this is because the player’s star tier affects team overalls.

If you have a bronze running back with all 99 ratings, this player will not help the team’s offensive ratings much, but if you change his star to gold, the offensive rating of the team will get a boost.  The ratings + star tier of the player affects the type of grade the team will get on offense and on defense.  Not a big I guess, but it does give a certain visual appeal to team ratings.



Madden Like Approach To BFL Ratings

In the throwback season of the BFL, team ratings didn’t matter at all and they weren’t considered because of the ability to mod the players directly with the pc editor.  Now since the league is taking a more formal approach, team ratings will be used to represent the strength of the team as it should have been all along.

The Backbreaker Football League will now more accurately represent a team’s true strength with more detailed team ratings.  If a team is powerful on offense, their offensive team rating will accurately reflect that and the same for defense.



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