18 Wide Receiver Badges In ESG Football 24

17 Wide Receiver Badges In ESG Foootball 24

In ESG Football 24, wide receivers have a total of 18 badges. These badges come in six tiers: bronze, silver, gold, hall of fame, legend, and GOAT. But that’s not all – receivers also get to choose from eight skillsets, which unlock at different overall ratings (90, 95, 97, & 99).

So, it’s not just about the badges; these receivers get a set of eight unique skills that add to their game. Unlocking these skills is no easy feat – it’s a grind that happens as you improve your overall performance.

The combination of badges and skills is like the foundation of a receiver’s journey in ESG Football 24. It’s what guides them to greatness in the digital football world. As you climb through the tiers, each badge is like a mark of achievement, showing off your dedication and skill evolution.

At the same time, gaining these skills is a strategic process. It’s not just about getting better; it’s about choosing the skills that match your style and how you like to play the game.


basket catch

ESG Football 24-Basket Catch

ESG Football 24 introduces the Basket Catch, enhancing possession catch and run-after-catch ratings upon securing a deep lob pass. This badge elevates the player’s ability to maintain possession and maximize yardage gained following a well-executed deep lob pass.

box out

ESG Football 24-Box Out

The Box Out badge in ESG Football 24 improves the odds of a player winning a 50/50 ball during a possession catch. This gameplay enhancement raises the likelihood of the player winning contested catches and, as a result, offers a strategic advantage in situations when both offensive and defensive players are given an equal opportunity to make the play.

business decision

ESG Football 24-Business Decision

The Business Decision badge in ESG Football increases a player’s falling catch rating.  This badge will made your player better at catching the ball when they’re falling down and potentially prevent them from taking on unnecessary hits.

diamond hands

ESG Football 24-Diamond Hands

The Diamond Hands badge in ESG increases a player’s ability to catch the ball when there’s a lot of traffic around. This badge makes them more skilled at holding onto the ball in challenging situations during the game, where catching the ball when there is a lot of defenders around is absolutely neccessary.

eyes downfield

ESG Football 24-Eyes Downfield

In ESG Football 24, the Eyes Downfield badge increases a player’s ability to gain extra yards after catching the ball. It’s like a special skill that makes them better at running with the ball after a catch. So, when they catch the ball, this badge helps them be more effective in dodging defenders and covering more ground, increasing their run after catch rating.  

fancy feet

ESG Football 24-Fancy Feet

The Fancy Feet badge increases a player’s route running ability.


ESG Football 24-Fearless

The Fearless badge increases a player’s catch in traffic rating.

go getter

ESG Football 24-Go Getter

Go Getter increases the possession catch on high passes.

human highlight

ESG Football 24-Human Highlight

The Human Highlight badge increases the miraculous catch rating. 

jump ball

ESG Football 24-Jump Ball

The Jump Ball badge increases the probability that a player catches a 50/50 ball when performing a miraculous catch.

miracle worker

ESG Football 24-Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker badge in ESG 24 increases the miraculous catch rating while attempting to perform a miraculous collision catch.

play extender

ESG Football 24-Play Extender

The Play Extender badge increases how quickly the playmaker directional icon appears beneath a receiver.

rocket catch

ESG Football 24-Rocket Catch

Rocket Catch boosts your run after catch rating when making an attempt to catch a bullet pass.


ESG Football 24-Separator

The Separator badge enhances the likelihood of a receiver successfully creating separation from a defender in a physical jostle encounter.

slick release

ESG Football 24-Slick Release

The Slick Release badge in ESG increases a players release rating.

soft hands

ESG Football 24-Soft Hands

The Soft Hands badge in ESG increases a players catch rating.

sticky hands

ESG Football 24-Sticky Hands

Sticky Hands increases the possession catch rating when attempting to catch a bullet pass.

twinkle toes

ESG Football 24-Twinkle Toes

The Twinkle Toes badge in ESG increases the probability of performing a successful sideline catch.

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