Will ESG Football 24 Have Kick/Punt Return?

Will ESG Football 24 have kick return and punt return like in other simulation football games?Despite its classification as an online open-world football game, speculations have arisen regarding the inclusion of kick return and punt return features, spurred by compelling video footage showcasing a gunner’s role and associated attribute ratings.

The attribute ratings, often indicative of specific player capabilities, further bolster the belief that ESG Football 24 could potentially offer the dynamic experience of kick return and punt return plays.

As players eagerly await the game’s release, the question of its ultimate feature set, particularly regarding kick and punt returns, remains a captivating subject of anticipation and discussion.



The ESG Football 24 video footage features David Tyree positioned as a gunner, and in the distance, a punt returner ready to receive the punt. The showcased footwork exhibited in the video is nothing short of extraordinary. It raises a valid question: why create such impressive footwork and even the inclusion of a kick return rating within the game if the gameplay itself doesn’t have  kick return or punt return elements?

The artistry of David Tyree’s footwork and his role as a gunner highlight the attention to detail within the game. His movements, no doubt a result of deliberate design and programming, demonstrate the dedication game developers invest in creating a lifelike experience. The presence of a punt returner further confirms my assumption.


ESG Football 24 Ratings


Perhaps there are future plans to incorporate kick return and punt return mechanics into the game. Alternatively, it might be a conscious design choice to provide an authentic environment, complete with all the elements of a football game, even if some aspects remain dormant for now. Regardless of the reasoning, the simulated footwork invites speculation and curiosity.

In conclusion, the showcased video footage of David Tyree’s extraordinary footwork and the presence of a punt returner spark questions about the purpose behind including these features in a game that currently lacks kick return and punt return gameplay.

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