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How Fast Can A 400 LB. Player Get In ESG Football 24

How Fast Can A 400 LB Player Get In ESG Football 24

How fast can a 400 lb. player get in ESG Football 24? At the moment, we still don’t really know what’s considered fast or slow in ESG 24, so we’ll have to use Madden and past games to make our determination.

In ESG Football 24, a 400 lb. player can get up to a 70 speed without any badges, but it costs a lot on skillsets.  To achieve a 70 speed at 400 pounds, you’ll have to use 3 speedster skillsets.  70 is not fast, but at 400 pounds it’s serviceable.

To take it further, if you want to get a 70 in elusiveness, juke, and spin you’ll need to use 1 jack rabbit skillset to the mix.

Check out the video below, I created a 400 lb. running back called African Tank that has been seen in my videos over the years.

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