Lob City Boyz Release 6 Players Ahead Of The CBL Draft

Lob City Boyz Release 5 Players Ahead Of The Draft

Preparing for the upcoming CBL Draft, the Lob City Boyz released 6 players from their active roster.  5 of the 6 players that were released did not fit into the team’s ideal style of play.  The Lob City Boyz prefers to run the court with players that are good in ball handling and dunking.  The team is not interested in any player who doesn’t specialize in one of the 2 abilities.

Players Released

  1. PG – Bonafide (released for salary cap reasons)
  2. PG – Mekarinkushim Kurukatoari
  3. C – Owen Wilson
  4. C – Braedon Kinlenger
  5. SG – Chris Dixion
  6. PG – Anthony Barlow


Remaining Players

  1. SF – Dunkenstein
  2. SG – Franchise III
  3. SG – Jack Jackson
  4. PG – Jacoby Bryant
  5. PG – Turbo Pittman
  6. PG – Sky High



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