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Chino Hills Look Toward The Draft After Releasing 8 Players » NBA 2K13

The Big Ballers Release 7 Players_NBA 2K13

With 8 players down from their roster, the Chino Hills Big Ballers look toward the draft for a superstar that can carry the team. After being knocked out of the 1st round of the tournament, the Big Ballers released 8 of it’s players to make room for future stars.


Big Ballers Players Released

  1. SF – Black Mamba
  2. PG – Dash
  3. C – Rim Guard
  4. C – Big Dan
  5. PG – Jason Batista
  6. SG – Jumpman
  7. SG – Caleb Akintayo
  8. PF – Stretch
  9. SG – Daiki Aomine (Going back to high school.  Was allowed to showcase his skills against the pros)


Remaining Roster

  1. PF – Lavar Ball (Gold)
  2. PG – Vince Forth (Silver)
  3. SG – Luke Stephens (Bronze)


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