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Splash Gang Rebuilding After Trash Tournament » NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13_Splash Gang Unloads Their Roster After Poor Tournament Play

The most over hyped team in the tournament, quickly became the laughing stock of the league.  Splash Gang had a roster full of shooters and they could score quickly if you make mistakes on defense.  Well the Los Santos Panic was able to completely shut down most of their offense, keeping Splash Gang under 100 points and gave them a quick exit out of the tournament.

Before the draft, the team decided to cut 9 of 12 players on their roster, which means they are ready to rebuild now.  With the #1 overall draft pick, Jeffrey Quinn seems like the obvious choice for a rebuild.  Who couldn’t build around a 6’9 point guard, who makes everyone better around him?


Splash Gang Players Released

  1. SG – Trevon Wallace
  2. SG – Drake
  3. SF – Deon Williams
  4. SG – Perseus Irving
  5. SF – Dmani Manuel
  6. PG – Kyle Kudador
  7. SG – Chandler Collins
  8. SG – Torian Nesbitt
  9. PG – Jose Sanchez



Remaining Roster

  1. SF – Buckets Magee
  2. SG – Kilikdatruth
  3. PG – C.J. Hammond


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