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Life Threatening Injuries In Backbreaker Football


Wanna see life threatening injuries in Backbreaker Football?  Check out this video.  The hits in Backbreaker capture the violence of playing football in the 80s.  Today’s game is way too soft.

The rules don’t allow defenders to make plays like they used to, so offenses can throw the ball freely knowing they’ll either convert the down or get a penalty.

I’m not saying these hits in Backbreaker should be allowed in the NFL, but something has to be done about clean hits being called as targeting.

The hits in this video is clearly targeting and life threatening.  Players in Backbreaker don’t care about life.  It’s pretty much suicide to play in this league.

Defenders don’t give a fuck about you or your kids.  The life threatening injuries in this video were mostly from concussions, head trauma, spinal cord damage, etc..

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