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Created Player Universe (2018) Gaming Highlights

Created Player Universe 2018

Created Player Universe (2018) Gaming Highlights


Re-live the best gaming highlights of 2018 from the Created Player Universe. 2018 gave us the Backbreaker High School Football League, more Road To Backbreaker, we got deeper into Pride FC, London Black Knights, Miami Hurricanes in NCAA Basketball 10, MFL, and Joe Gutta from EA Sports MMA.

In 2018, the New Orleans Privateers had to prove they can repeat without Oliver Hudson.  They was led by Aaron Power and Jeffrey Quinn.

The NPSFL Tournament was won by the expansion team Orlando Hornets.  The Hornets had a dominant performance over New York’s Finest.

Pride FC welcomed new fighters from Street fighter, such as Ken, RYU, and Guile.  The Backbreaker XFL Football League had a strong debut, while Road To Backbreaker continued.

This was a strong year for new creations.

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