Texas Bruisers Added To The Backbreaker Football League

Texas Bruisers Added To The Backbreaker Football League

The Texas Bruisers are 1 of the 40 teams that will be added to the Backbreaker Football League.  The Bruisers are a part of the expansion 8 pack of teams that were added to the standard 32 team roster file.  Texas will feature an agressive rushing attack featuring Blitz The League captain Tony Forbes and their defense will play an aggressive blitzing style.

Texas will open the BFL season 4 million dollars under the salary cap and former NPSFL star Kingsley Cooke will be the signal caller in week 1.

The Bruisers have the best offensive line in the Backbreaker Football League.  All five of their starters are gold tier lineman, giving the offense a total of 7 gold tier stars in their starting lineup.

On paper the Bruisers will have one of the weakest defenses in the BFL, suiting up only 1 silver player going into opening week.

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