Family Related Players In The Backbreaker Football League

Family Related Players In The Backbreaker Football League


Currently there are at least 70 family related players in the Backbreaker Football League.  20 of those players actually play on the same football team.  Below is the current list of related players in the league.


Related Players In The BFL

  1. Kid Franchise (ATH) Hawaii Playmakers 》Air Franchise (ATH) 》San Diego Sabers 》Goatchise (ATH) Free Agent
  2. Amari Manuel (WR) New Mexico Scorpions 》Dmani Manuel (RB) Vegas Gamblers
  3. Amir Byrd (WR) 》Vegas Gamblers 》Bryson Byrd (CB) Vegas Gamblers 》Masai Byrd (RB) Rhode Island Smashers
  4. Aaron Tea (CB) 》Ayan Tea (S) 》London Black Knights
  5. Andre Jackson (LG) 》Jamal Jackson (RG) 》Washington Sentinels
  6. Bill Simons (WR) Atlanta Fire 》Buchanon Simons (WR) London Black Knights
  7. Brandon Breton (RG) Youtube Gamers 》Tim Breton (DE) Miami Sharks
  8. Bubba Lozano (RB) 》JoJo Lozano (DE) 》London Black Knights
  9. Cameron Dermott (WR)  》Jordan Dermott II (WR) Mean Machine
  10. Conner Graves (WR) Jamaica Sprinters 》Adam Graves (WR) Florida Roughriders
  11. Cougar Greathouse (QB) Florida Roughriders 》Larry Greathouse (LB) Minnesota Rush
  12. David Woodruff (LB) Atlanta Fire 》George Woodruff (S) 》James Woodruff (RB) Hawaii Playmakers 》Jadale Woodruff (FB) Hawaii Playmakers
  13. Kylan Hedges (QB) Gridiron Xtreme 》Elijah Hedges (CB) Montana Gamebreakers
  14. Eric Stroughter (ATH) Florida Roughriders 》Travon Stroughter (S) Youtube Gamers
  15. Frankie Amadou (RB) Boston Rebels 》Felix Amadou (WR) Kansas Storm
  16. Kendrick Shoenfield (LG) Youtube Gamers 》Kyle Shoenfield (QB) Gridiron Xtreme 》Jarrett Shoenfield (QB) 》Heath Shoenfield (QB) Vegas Gamblers
  17. Luffy Sokudo (WR) 》Merum Sokudo (WR) Los Santos Pounders
  18. Izzy Brock (WR) New Orleans Renegades 》Ziggy Brock (WR) Sacksonville
  19. Pierre Akira (CB) Texas Bruisers 》J.P. Akira (RB) Florida Roughriders
  20. Patrick McGee Jr. (CB) 》David McGee (WR) Florida Roughriders
  21. Jadon Gomez (RB) Kansas Storm 》Johnny Gomez (WR) Toronto Cougars
  22. Mike Mexico (QB) Atlanta Fire 》Lamaul Mexico (QB) Atlanta Kings
  23. Marcus Cox (QB) Alabama Bolts 》Markel Cox (RB) Dakota Spartans
  24. Marekus Jordan (QB) Seattle Thunder 》Marachal Jordan (QB) Alabama Bolts
  25. Andrew Svahn (K) Detroit Monsters 》Ryan Svahn (RB) Idaho Bone Crushers 》Reid Svahn (QB) New Orleans Renegades
  26. Ryan Dunn (S) Blitzburgh 》Sean Dunn (WR) Texas Bruisers
  27. Travis Harlow (TE) Washington Sentinels 》Rory Harlow (TE) New Orleans Renegades
  28. Tyler Ozmun (LG) Texas Bruisers 》Mitchell Ozmun (LB) Gridiron Xtreme
  29. Cayden Ashmore (WR) Dakota Spartans 》Tripp Ashmore (S) Washington Jarheads
  30. Tyrell Wallace (QB) Idaho Bone Crushers 》Trevon Wallace (RB) Jamaica Sprinters
  31. YAC (WR) 》RAC (WR) 》Washington Jarheads
  32. Rayshawn Cozart (WR) 》Tayvon Cozart (RB) 》Daytona Racers
  33. Aaron Lutz (RB) 》Isaac Lutz (WR) New Orleans Renegades



Related BFL Players On The Same Team

  1. Aaron Tea (CB) 》Ayan Tea (S) 》London Black Knights
  2. Amir Byrd (WR) 》Bryson Byrd (CB) Vegas Gamblers
  3. Andre Jackson (LG) 》Jamal Jackson (RG) 》Washington Sentinels
  4. Bubba Lozano (RB) 》JoJo Lozano (DE) 》London Black Knights
  5. Cameron Dermott (WR)  》Jordan Dermott II (WR) 》Mean Machine
  6. YAC (WR) 》RAC (WR) 》Washington Jarheads
  7. Rayshawn Cozart (WR) 》Tayvon Cozart (RB) 》Daytona Racers
  8. Patrick McGee Jr. (CB) 》David McGee (WR) 》Florida Roughriders
  9. Luffy Sokudo (WR) 》Merum Sokudo (WR) 》Los Santos Pounders
  10. James Woodruff (RB)  》Jadale Woodruff (FB) 》Hawaii Playmakers
  11. Aaron Lutz (RB) 》Isaac Lutz (WR) New Orleans Renegades



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